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Media Release


Mehmood Abdi , Deputy President , RCA

Instead of complying with the recommendations for reforms BCCI has chosen to indulge in leveling allegations of “prejudice” the last resort of a dissatisfied and disgruntled litigant. The practice of slinging mud after losing litigation should be discouraged.

In a statement issued here today Mehmood Abdi, Deputy President of Rajasthan cricket Associations (RCA) has said that BCCI is behaving as if it is a state unto itself and above the law. Who wouldn’t remember the circumstances in which the judicial intervention was necessitated i.e when the cricket body failed to take remedial steps to set its own house in order? The matter of betting and other malpractices, involving the son-in-law of the then President BCCI are still fresh in the collective memory of the nation. On the Issue of reforms in BCCI all concerned, including BCCI, was fully heard by the apex court in detailed hearings running into months. Not only that the Supreme Court appointed Justice Lodha Committee too gave ample opportunity to BCCI to put up its case before it and upon hearing all concerned Justice Lodha Committee filed its recommendation.

The matter is subjudice and the hon’ble Suprme Court would take appropriate view on the review petition of BCCI said Mehmood Abdi.

Mehmood Abdi Deputy President, RCA, Jaipur

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