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President's Message


Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA)'s vision is to develop a self-sufficient and well-administered cricket body. It envisages a role for itself as a leading member of the Indian Cricket fraternity by promoting and developing the game through quality administration as also by encouraging high participation and transparency. The RCA aspires to embed cricket into the culture and passion of the people of Rajasthan and spread it to all the districts of the state. The aim of RCA is to create advocacy for the sport at the national level and promote the positive values associated with the spirit of cricket.

Our aim is to plan and focus on players, staff and motivate them to achieve peak performances as a team by creating a self-sufficient ecosystem within the RCA, its clubs, players and other stakeholders of cricket. We strive to clearly define and communicate roles of RCA and its member associations/clubs. The goal is to have an independent advisory board of Rajasthan's respected citizens, ensuring efficient delivery of the game.

We aspire to be the top cricket association in India by leading the way in organisational efficiency and commitment.

The RCA will be guided by four Ps


Get an ethics committee in place

Put together a seriously effective grassroots plan for Rajasthan by having more cricket academies

Install a Talent Resource Development Wing (TRDW) in Rajasthan to rate and unearth new talent from the districts/countryside and to produce at least one national-level cricketer, who would represent the country in the next two-three years

Impart technical knowledge of the game to the players at each stage of their development

Involve former cricketers the selection/decision making process

Create a High Performance Centre in Rajasthan

Have a 100-Day mission document to effect changes

Announce a Rajasthan tournament on the lines of Times Shield to create a feeder line for the Ranji Trophy side

Provide excellent facilities and coaching to all players under RCA (in all age groups). Constantly upgrade the knowledge of coaches, umpires, analysts & physios to enable smooth functioning of all cricketing operations

Develop career development systems for staff, coaches, and players

Create world class online platform with database of Rajasthan cricketers and disseminate all information/PR on the site in real time

Utilise resources on an optimum basis to create a healthy and competitive sporting atmosphere within the cricket and management teams

Develop multiple venues for first class cricket in different districts

Enter the knockout stage in Ranji Trophy and develop consistency in performances

Emphasise on Administration/Governance, Education, Players, High Performance and Facility Development

Conduct more school tournaments

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